Minnie Mouse Kitchen Set

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 أكيد أكثر لعبة اى بنت بتحلم بيها هي المطبخ وأدواته

 مطبخ ميمي يعتبر من أفضل الهدايا لأي بنت فهو يأتي معه 18 قطعة مختلفة لأفكار طبخ متنوعه عشان يبقى زي المطبخ الحقيقي و تقضي أكثر وقت باللعب به 

حجم المطبخ : 58 سم * 42 سم * 26 سم

This Lovely Minnie Mouse Kitchen Play Set is every little girls dream that also encourages role playing and is a great toy for developing hand/eye coordination.

Your girls will not want to leave their kitchens with this Minnie kitchen set toy and enjoy the fun. 

Age group: 3 years and older. 
Minnie Mouse Kitchen Set Size: 58 x 26 x 42 cm 
Number of Pieces: 18 pieces 


  • Includes Tea Pot and 2 Cups
  • Includes Frying Pan and Casarole Pot
  • Includes 4 Plates and Drying Rack
  • Includes 4 Utensils and 2 Teaspoons


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