5 Bad habits of parents harm their children

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Right now, we will discuss 5 bad habits of parents harm their children significantly that should be avoided to protect our children from our bad actions.


A habit means to make an action more than once, making it part of our daily routine. Psychologically, man can get so used to that behavior to the point of demanding it everyday to feel relaxed with himself. Any habits can be gained by exercise or trials and can be so inherited to us that they can be carried out automatically, thus they do not need too much effort to be executed.

They can have a negative or positive effect on the people surrounding us, in case you’re parents, you teach your kids with your actions, which can affect them badly or positively. It is not about being excellent, we are all at fault, but the challenge or the brave is not in integrity but in perception that those faults teach us, make us to develop and as we process we can set behaviors that make us more better.

Bad habits of parents to avoid

1- Managing stress incorrectly
How you manage worries or stress and even the things you tend to get worried about are often learned attitudes from your parents. it may be beneficial to evaluate again how you react to tension times, as well as why you might be interacting that manner. So as a bad habit of parents, if you’re participating in unsuccessful ways of managing stress, being careful is a great way to deal with it.

2- Saying insane words
When young kids pick up or learn bad words, mostly it is something that they learned from someone near them that has a bad mouth. A kid’s brain is like a sponge absorbing any bad talk that’s usually repeated as they get older at one point or another. So as a bad habit of parents, try to avoid saying those things in your kid’s presence.

3- Don’t communicate with your kids

The inattention we always do in our day is not asking them what they did in their day, we didn’t spend more time with them playing, reading or even eating together.

So, we should communicate with them by sharing with them in their activities to support them and to make them more relaxed to talk with us.

4- TV watching every night
When the kids finally reach sleep time we encourage them to watch a movie with us, and even leave them alone to watch TV and then we go to sleep. But really Watching too much TV is bad for your kid’s brain and body. Also, watching movies or tv shows at night can decrease the time of sleep you can get each night because you’re holding off your bedtime to take one more episode. So as a bad habit of parents you should avoid this.

5- Being negative and critic
Being precise about your kid’s every mistake. If your critiques exceed your glory, your kid may either ignore you or get apologetic, and in either case will omit anything positive you have to say. So as a bad habit of parents, You should always give your kid more compliments than insulting or saying negative words.