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The best online shopping service you will deal with, they care for your satisfaction and they make sure of their quality , thats why i was in love of what i get from , you must try

Ali A
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The order i placed was delivered ontime. Thank you so much for the great service.

Noha N.
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Great material, very helpful staff, quick delivery. Not the first time to order and definitely not the last.

Sarah S.
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U changed my idea of online shopping in EGY bgd best quality even better than the photo u post …my daughter wasss super happy with her new elssa shoes and everything I got from u ….i highllllly recommend u ♡♡♡Thanks

Mennatallah S.
71023974 10162365054830235 1594631617958117376 n Le3ab Store

Very good quality and very good staff god bless you

Heba Y.
37488311 10216422998347962 3527574786165178368 n Le3ab Store

Every purchase is a perfect deal …highly recommend

Dalia H.
65656855 10162340978225599 6129081686178136064 n Le3ab Store

I’m really in love with the bags I got .,, very high quality and reality is even nicer than pics..
Also I want to thank u for ur punctuality and good time management ..

Engy F.
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Materials , colors , delivery time and stuff treatment are great
not the first time and will not be last .
Maha B.
70842395 10162371462770471 5485904896173539328 n Le3ab Store

Very good quality and good service
Definitely won’t be last time isa

Emma M.
15781256 10154844172138794 4790321221094007870 n Le3ab Store

Thank you team for your great service! One of the best kids stores

Ayman H

To read more reviews in our Facebook page from our lovely customers  please click here