Preparing your child for school , psychological preparation for any step we take in our lives is essential, and so is our case for our children. Perhaps the biggest and most important step in our children’s lives is entering school.

Why do some children fear school?

In this article, we show you the possible reasons for this and how to deal with this situation.

In fact, the way to deal with the fear of school depends primarily on the cause of the problem, and the nature of the causes, in this case, is divided into two types, home-grown and home-grown.

You can usually do it in the summer, step by step. Often before the first day, the child is tenser so you must search for important ways to prepare well for entry into the study. This helps you to keep calm and focus on your studies so make sure you take the steps that we will mention below.

General tips for preparing your child for school:

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Give your child an opportunity to socialize with other adults and to socialize with other children such as friends or relatives.

Encourage your child to undress on their own, perform simple household tasks, and read bedtime stories.

Visit the school with your child, interact with the teachers, and participate to find out if your child will be comfortable in this school. With attendance at open days, media sessions, and parties.

Home-grown reasons may be:

Talking about school negatively in front of the child or using it as a means of punishment.

Not to prepare the child psychologically to enter the school.

Jealousy of the child from his brother or younger sister who is not yet in school.

Lack of interest in helping the child in studying and completing homework.

No time for fun and play in the child’s daily program.

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The reasons stemming from the school may be:

Inability to make friends at school.

The teacher is unable to contain the child and give him tenderness and attention to the required level.

The child has been subjected to any form of bullying, such as beating, laughing, or harassment.

Transfer the child to a new school other than the one he used to and loved.

Here are some tips that will help your child cope with school anxiety:

Talking about school positively and enthusiastically in front of the child.

Encourage the child to express his feelings about returning to school by speaking or drawing.

Tell interesting and funny stories in front of him about your old school memories.

Participate in local events that take place in your area during the back-to-school season.

Encourage the child to read stories that talk about beautiful things in schools such as new information, special friendships, and fun activities.

Take it with you to the library when preparing for the new school year.

Share it Schedule a daily routine between study, sleep and play.

Tips for getting ready for school and how to prepare for school:

The child is organized and tidy:

How the child is ready to enter schools
How the child is ready to enter schools

Organizing helps students achieve great success by organizing all study materials and arranging books on the shelves for the office or study space to appear organized.

Also, try not to eat chewing gum or using cell phones in the classroom until you focus on your school day.

Preparing the tools necessary for the study:

It is best to prepare the tools that you will need in school and keep additional copies of everything, whether it is pencils or papers, in order to find an alternative when you lose one of your basic tools.

Lesson planning:

Good time management is the most important thing you can do. After completing your school day, you will find that you have more than one lesson that needs you to focus on your lessons.

Set a goal in the morning to do:

In order to get rid of chaos and achieve calm in your school day, you must think every evening about what you will do the next morning where you can reduce the burden by doing the simplest things such as preparing clothes, clipping nails, and preparing books. You must give every activity in your life set aside to do it.

Make a schedule:

With the advent of the school year, many school jobs appear. And you should know that chaos leads to failure in life.

Therefore, you must specify the activities that you will undertake, the necessary lessons, and determine the important priorities, then the least important, and make the table in a sheet of squares. This allows you to enter the information easily and review it when necessary and color it with a color-coded.

Preparing your papers:

Entering the new academic year, especially when moving from one stage to another, may require submitting previous school year papers, such as a birth certificate or a certificate of success, in order to ensure enrollment in the school.

Sleep mode change:

In order to get the full focus on your school day and get the lessons well, you must get enough sleep. And it is advised to sleep training early one week before classes start, by reducing the hours of hours and adjusting the sleep pattern well.

How to prepare your child to enter school for the first time?

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The first step should be to communicate with the school and the teachers. Watching your child talk to you while you are talking to the person who will take care of him calmly, confidently, and happily will make him comfortable and make him feel safe and comfortable.

Take your child to shop and buy school tools, special needs, sportswear, and comfortable shoes, as this will make him feel happy and happy.

Feel your child that you are interested in listening to his concerns and that you are sympathetic to him, but tell him that this is necessary to be successful and great, and you can tell him about your own experience in school and give him the necessary attention to rest and relax completely.

Perhaps the experience is not only difficult for the child alone, in many cases the parents feel the same difficulty separating from the child, and it is better to tell your child that and tell him that you are sad to keep him away from you but you are reassured because he will be fine and that he will learn, find friends, play and spend a fun and useful times.

It is better to be with your child in the early days of school to feel close to you and while he can adapt to this new environment, and can absorb this great change in his life.

The child must take a rest

Leave the child to take a rest after returning from school and do not heap questions and kisses upon him upon arrival, even if you have the desire to do so. Be sure that the school experience is absolutely necessary for him to learn to live outside the family and be his world and friends, and never tell him that you missed him, but tell him You are happy for him and proud of him because he relied on himself.

Give your child confidence to manage his own affairs and face difficulties, support him and encourage him and that will give him great confidence in himself and his abilities to overcome difficult situations, and you must feel that he is able to do things on his own such as wearing his clothes and shoes and taking a shower alone and not repeat the phrase (watch it will hurt yourself) To allow him to depend on himself.

When taking your child to school, you should not leave him quickly once he turns his back, nor should you warn him to go by saying goodbye, but tell him that you will leave him to go to work and you will return at the time of leaving to take him to the house, and wish him a nice day and adhere to the date of return and do not delay until he does not think Your child will never return to what he will feel fear and dread.