There are many parents who do not realize children playing importance in first 3 years , as the issue has several aspects that have a very important impact on your child. Therefore, in this article, we will learn about children playing importance in first 3 years , as well as what activities are appropriate for him in this age group, so follow us …

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What is children playing importance in first 3 years ?

5 essential benefits that explain children playing importance in first 3 years

1- An opportunity for children to learn decision-making and participation skills
children playing importance in first 3 years is highlighted in providing them with the opportunity to learn how to make decisions, solve problems and participate, especially if they do so in groups with their other friends.
Even if the child plays alone, he will acquire some important social skills such as: self-confidence, decision-making and other skills.

2- A method for developing the perceptual, physical, emotional and social senses of children
Children need to play hard in their early childhood years to develop their cognitive, physical, emotional and social senses, according to a report issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
This is because the game makes them know how to interact with others socially, and how to express their feelings, which helps in emotional growth, as well as the matter with other senses.

3- Important in the development of the child’s nervous system
children playing importance in first 3 years also lies in the development of their nervous system, because there are nerve connections that, if not used to strengthen them, may weaken over time or even disappear.

4- An opportunity to strengthen the relationships and bonds between children and their parents
Playing with children helps greatly in strengthening family ties, as it is an ideal opportunity to compensate for periods of busy parents in their daily work and tasks.

5- Providing the necessary psychological support to children
Psychologists are unanimously agreed on children playing importance in first 3 years in the psychological aspect. Play makes children express their feelings, interact, acquire and discover new social skills. Thus, in the event that this particular point is neglected, this would affect the child’s self-confidence and may make him enter into fits of fear and isolation from society.

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5 fun and useful activities that are suitable for your baby’s first three years

1- Puzzle games of all kinds.
2- Reading cartoon stories with appropriate content for his age group.
3- Bring drawing tools that will help your child develop his creativity and express his feelings and feelings easily.
4- Models games of all kinds such as: cars – small dolls – superhero models – cooking tools and the kitchen for children and other games that you can buy from our store
5- Use your free time to cook with your children for your favorite meal.

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That was everything, and in the end we advise you to take the matter seriously and not neglect the phenomenon of children playing importance in first 3 years ? until he matures and develops in a normal manner psychologically, mentally and physically.

In the end, do not hesitate to ask your opinions and inquiries in the comments, and we will answer them as soon as possible.

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