When it comes to shaping the personality of a young child, we find that the first years of a child’s life are the most important period for shaping his personality, and therefore parents must pay attention during this period to instill principles and values ​​and develop the abilities of their children.

One of those necessary abilities is “Emotional Intelligence”, so we will recognize about the concept of Emotional Intelligence in this article, how important it is for a child, in addition to getting acquainted with most important advices for developing emotional intelligence in children.

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emotional intelligence in children

What is the concept of emotional intelligence in children ?

Emotional intelligence in children (called also intelligence of emotions) spread in the nineties by the American psychologist “John D. Mayer” and began to spread and expand his concept around the world from its time all around the world.

It means that the child is able to understand himself and others also, and therefore the result is to use this understanding to work on managing himself, in addition to organizing and managing his relationship with others in the society in which he lives.

In other words, emotional intelligence in a very brief way is the smart use of emotions to serve oneself, such as: self-control, perseverance, self-motivation, etc., in addition to using it to improve behaviors with others (by understanding acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in the surrounding community for example).

7 important tips necessary for the development of emotional intelligence in children

1- Training the child to understand the movements: Make sure that your child knows the movements or reactions of the body in different situations.

For example, your child must recognize facial expressions in the case of anger when you are angry at something, or recognize facial expressions in the case of joy when you are happy about achieving something, and thus you develop from the emotional intelligence of your child regarding understanding Awareness of body movements and facial expressions.

2- Giving the child his space to express himself and his feelings: Make your child express himself in the way he deems appropriate for himself without interrupting him or trying to impose a specific approach to speaking. (his way of talking)

3- Reading meaningful children’s stories: Make sure that reading some books and stories for your child are meaningful, such as: stories of the prophets and companions, as these stories develop their emotional intelligence, and it also will remain in their memories forever.

4- Give your child space to try different things: stimulate your child and encourage him/her to different things, it is important for your child to try and fail in his childhood so that he can distinguish between right and wrong on the one hand, and between good and evil on the other hand, these experiences work to develop decision-making skills for right choices.

5- Make sure to develop your child’s favorite skills or things:

Try to notice your children’s favorite things such as: swimming, running, reading, writing..etc, and work on developing that skill, for example if your child loves to swim, make a subscription to him in a club so that he can swim with a coach regularlly .

6– Encourage your child to integrate and interact with his friends and surroundings in society: Make sure your child is encouraged to interact with his friends and his surroundings.

For example, if you notice that your child prefers isolation, they suggest that he go to a gym or volunteer activities in the city.

7 –Teaching your child to be focus: make your child learn the focus skill to avoid distractions while doing important and necessary things and tasks in his life, and there are several techniques for teaching your child the skill of focus as like: getting the child to close his eyes and breathe deeply.

This was everything today, we hope that at the end of the article that you recognized everything related to emotional intelligence in children and how to develop it, and do not forget to share your comments after applying the advice that we talked about in the article on your children.

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