Educational games, Why are the best teaching methods for children, the child is born without knowledge but is prepared to acquire the skills that make him a social being, wherein these early stages of his life he is ready to be influenced and quoted by everyone who is around him.

So, like a radar, he picks up all the waves coming from them, stores them in his memory, and then program them in the form of behavior, habits, sayings, and actions, and being affected by actions and what he sees and touches is much more than words and advice.

Childhood and the importance of playing at this stage:

Educational Games Why are the best teaching methods for children
Educational Games Why are the best teaching methods for children

The importance of childhood:

Educational Games – Why are the best teaching methods for children, Children are the pillars of the future, they are the building blocks in which society will live in the coming decades, and according to their preparation, education, and education, the future will shape.

And the first years of a person’s life form a basic basis in raising a child, raising him, guiding and refining it, and highlighting the potential of his child. Therefore, most societies pay attention to developing creative abilities in childhood, even before the stage of education.

Psychologists consider childhood as one of the important stages in raising a child, in which it consists of the first stages of a child’s reaction and reaction to the environment.

Many of the child’s concepts and patterns of behavior are formed during it. Concern for childhood is in fact interest in society, its progress and development, and as far as preparing them the proper preparation for life the nation has a future and civilized progress.

And the childhood period is one of the most important periods in the formation of the child’s personality, as it is a stage of formation and preparation in which the features of the child’s personality are drawn in the future, in which habits and trends are formed, tendencies and preparations grow, abilities open, skills are formed and discovery.

Spiritual values, traditions, and behavioral patterns are represented, during which the path of the child’s physical, mental, psychological, social, and emotional development is determined by the environment that provides him with the educational, cultural, health, and social elements.

Childhood features:

Childhood has several features, the most important of which are the following:

It is a stage characterized by continuous and integrated growth in all aspects.

It is flexible and capable of raising and learning.

During which an individual’s personality is formed, to acquire habits, attitudes, skills and experiences.

It is an essential stage for the next stages, and the stronger and sound the foundation, the more comprehensive and integrated the construction.

The importance of play and its benefits in educating children:

Educational Games Why are the best teaching methods for children 1 Le3ab Store


It is the key to learning and development for children. Through it, the child explores his environment and learns about its various elements and stimuli. He explores himself and knows his position and location and learns the roles and roles of those who surround him from adults and cohorts. It also learns its culture, the culture of its society and its values, and develops its various capabilities and thinking skills that it needs in its journey on the path of growth and development.

Through play, the child acquires a lot of information that is difficult to obtain from textbooks. Play is an informal school for social relations.

It also acquires language, vocabulary, conventions, phrases, and sentences

as an essential and important tool for interaction and communication with

human elements in the environment, therefore play occupies an important

place in the child’s education process, as it is a formable dough, and it is

a white page, meaning that it is formed according to the methodology of his teacher.

Teaching using educational games:

Educational games are considered one of the main teaching entrances that

focuses on the student’s activity and positivity and the development of his

personality, comprehensive development in various aspects, because it is

concerned with embodying abstract concepts by attracting the learner to

interact with educational situations, including good educational materials

and purposeful educational activities, which makes him active and active

while learning in these situations The educational offer is almost realistic to

achieve the desired goals of the teaching process.

Teaching using educational games is one of the most prominent teaching

methods and strategies that take into account the psychology of learners, as

this teaching method is characterized by the interaction between the

teacher and his students during the educational process through

educational activities and games that have been prepared and implemented

in an organized scientific way.

Benefits of educational games:

The benefits of educational games are numerous and divided into the following areas:

Suitable for different learning styles.

It creates an atmosphere in which children can enjoy learning.

provides the opportunity for training, practice, and the use of learned concepts.

It gives children an immediate boost to the health of their responses.

gives students the opportunity to participate and gain practical experience.

It provides an opportunity for shy students to participate in various


provides students with the opportunity to take risks and helps learners try

and experiment for fun without fear of errors and evaluation.

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