In normal times, there should be children activities during lockdown at home and outside the home, but with the circumstances of the “Covid-19” epidemic at the present time, parents have to practice children activities during lockdown at home only because of movement restrictions in gathering places to avoid infection.

Therefore, in this article, we will mention 8 children activities during lockdown at home that parents and mothers can perform with their children, especially since it seems that the emerging “Corona” epidemic will continue with us for some time, and therefore our lives must adapt to its existence for a not short time.

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Playing in garden as one of children activities during lockdown

8 activities for children at home that are fun and useful during the quarantine period

1- Sit with your children and enjoy eating together
One of the most important children activities during lockdown at home that is fun and entertaining and that helps innovation and creativity is cooking with your children. Most of the time, before the quarantine periods, the family was not allowed to cook food with each other except for a few times due to the working conditions.
Now, the situation is completely different, even if there is work, it will most likely be accomplished from home, either in whole or in part, and therefore you have a good opportunity to cook and create new foods for your children that are useful for them and delicious.

2- Encourage them to play educational games that are entertaining and useful at the same time
Try to use the quarantine period to encourage children to play educational games that experts in raising children consider to be very useful and entertaining children activities during lockdown at home.
For example, you can download some games on the smartphone or tablet such as: spelling games – coloring games – puzzle games … etc., all of these games develop the child’s mind and improve his mental skill.

3- Teaching children the basics of spelling letters and counting numbers
You can invest the quarantine period to start educational children activities during lockdown at home, such as: Teaching the spelling of letters and counting numbers, especially if your children are less than 10 years old.
You can use apps to do this or use the quarantine period to get closer to your children and do it yourself.

4- Use some simple tactics and tricks to practice writing and coloring
The same point number 4, teaching children to write and distinguish colors are considered educational children activities during lockdown at home that work to develop and develop their mental and cognitive abilities, but more importantly, to be patient with them and understand the nature of their age, which loves to play, have fun and move instead of learning.

5- The home garden invested in playing with them or in planting it
Do you have a garden in your home? If the answer is yes, then this is good news, as you can invest the quarantine time in planting some plants or even use the garden to play with your children and engage in activities for children at home, such as exercise, dancing or singing.

6- Watch cartoon episodes with them on TV
Take advantage of this period of home quarantine to get closer and closer to your children, and one of the things that will make you close to them is their participation in their favorite and beloved activities, such as watching their favorite cartoon episodes, for example, or waiting for an episode of a specific program on TV.

7- Do exercise with them
Among children activities during lockdown at home that are very beneficial to them, if the child gets used to exercising and taking care of his health from a young age, this will affect him positively when he grows up, and therefore we advise you to teach your children to practice simple exercises, at least.

8- Read stories with your children
Nothing improves your child’s creative and imaginative abilities better than reading stories and stories, so we recommend that you sit with your child and read stories with him, especially positive stories about superheroes or his favorite stories. In addition, they have installed an app on their smartphone so that they can read the stories on their own when you are busy.

That was all today, we hope that you liked these activities, and told us in the comments the best activity that you found suitable for you and useful for your child, and finally, follow the safety rules and stay safe during the quarantine periods to avoid infection and transmit infection to the rest of your family.

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