why kids hate school ? A lot of parents suffer from their children hate studying or going to school, and many parents become confused to know the reasons caused to make the child hate school and studying, in addition to they don’t know the correct way to deal with their child in this situation.

Therefore, in this article, we will answer this asked question ” why kids hate school ? “, in addition, we will learn about the correct and effective ways to deal with children in this case.

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Child hates going to school

Why kids hate school ? Here are Top reasons and Solutions for this Phenomenon

1 – Your child’s lack of desire for what he is learning: One of the most common reasons for a child’s hatred to study or go to school is the lack of desire in him towards what he is studying.

The solution: provide him with rewards if he finishes studying, and those rewards are based on the things he prefers to do and do, such as: playing on a computer or playstation, going to the club, watching TV … etc.

2- The child does not feel appreciated by his teacher: why kids hate school ? Sometimes, the reason the child hates the school is the result of a lack of appreciation from his teacher or his school towards what he is doing, such as: Not to receive moral or material rewards in the event that he was from the beginning of the school.

The solution: It is by alerting or submitting a proposal to the school administration and the teacher to motivate the children to offer them rewards, whether material or moral, with an interest in giving the parents rewards, especially if the school does not respond to the alert or the proposal that was presented to them.

3- The persistent punishment of the child, whether by the teacher or the parents: in the event that the child is exposed to a permanent and continuous punishment, whether by the teacher or the parents, such as: depriving him of doing his favorite hobbies, depriving him of rest periods, etc.

The solution: Initially relying on light methods of punishment such as: not talking to him for a certain period because of something wrong he did for example, and then, you can move to more severe means of upward escalation.

4- Family and family reasons: why kids hate school ? The reason may be inside the home, such as separation of parents or frequent quarrels in front of the child, all of these matters affect the child’s psyche and make him feel depressed, which results in school hatred and study.

The solution: In the event of a quarrel or discussion between the parents, we make sure that the children are not in front of him without raising the voice, and in cases of separation or family problems, the solution lies in the parents separating their relationship with the relationship of each of them with their children, in the sense that they treat each friend With their children and with each other in front of the children so that their children are not affected psychologically, which may affect their academic excellence and their love for school.

5– The child’s exposure to bullying from his friends at school: why kids hate school ? One of the most prevalent phenomena today, bullying is the child’s exposure to ridicule, either because of its shape, weight, height, or other differences that his friends call him at school, such as: The child may have a little big nose Compared to his colleagues, and therefore one of his friends might call him “Big-nose,” this verb is called “bullying.”

The solution: by complaining to the classroom teacher and school administration to take appropriate measures to address the phenomenon of “bullying”, in addition, parents – for their part – must at home by strengthening their children’s self-confidence and guiding them in methods of complaining against bullies, either to the classroom teacher or school management.

This was everything today, we hope at the end of the article that we answered common asked question ” why kids hate school ? ” and provided the correct and effective ways to deal with him in each case, and do not forget to share your comments below with us!

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