Working on achieve family stability within any family is an inevitable necessity for the growth of children who are psychologically stable, emotionally stable, with academic excellence, and even practically later.
Therefore, in this article, we will focus on knowing the correct practical advice to achieve the principle of family stability within the family, and we will learn about the importance of the family for children, and the negative effects on children resulting from the lack of family stability.

family stability
Family stability : its importance and Some tips and hacks to achieve it 1

What is the importance of family for children?

1- Raising children properly
The family is mainly responsible for raising children, whether from an ethical or religious point of view. Through the family, the child will learn all forms of social life so that upon puberty he can interact with society and interact with it properly and effectively.

2- Feeling of stability and psychological calm
Having a balanced family is a practical application of the concept of family or family stability, and therefore this would make the child feel a kind of stability or psychological calm, as he would not – For example, but not limited – under pressure to think about work to help himself while he was still in childhood.

3- Instilling good qualities in the soul of the child
The family instills in the child the basic good qualities that he must be brought up upon, such as: honesty – honesty – love for charity – defending the truth (courage) and other good qualities.

4- Covering the material expenses of the child
This part is closely related to the second point, as covering all material expenses of the child, such as: school fees – eating and drinking expenses – buying clothes, etc. gives him a sense of stability and not fear of the future, and makes him live and enjoy his childhood.

6 indispensable tips for achieving family stability

1- Parents should never forget themselves in the first place
One of the advice that most parents forget is not to take care of themselves and give all their time only to take care of their children, yes, this may be a good thing when looking at it superficially.
However, when we delve into the details, we will find that after a period of time, parents may begin to feel bored and depressed, which may result in the collapse and disintegration of the family, and therefore achieving balance here is very important.

2- Family stability is achieved through a balance between work and family
Some families fall into the trap of focusing only or largely on working life, especially if the parents are working, but in reality this matter may generate some money for you to raise the family’s social level.
But on the other hand, it may be the cause of the collapse and instability of the family within the family, and therefore we always advise you to achieve a balance between working life and family life.

3- Mutual respect between two life partners is extremely important
Parents’ treatment of each other inappropriately or violently in front of children is extremely dangerous to their mental health, as this may make them feel hate, instability, violence and disrespect.

4- Enjoying joint activities between parents and children
Most of the time there are some common denominators or activities among family members, for example, the common denominator between them may be practicing morning sports or watching football matches … etc.
Thus, doing this joint activity together as a family has a great impact on achieving family stability between you.

5- Helping family members to each other when one of them falls into a problem
Sometimes a family member may suffer from a financial problem at work, for example, or a psychological problem such as depression or fear .etc
In this case, family members must join hands by sitting with the owner of the problem and thinking about solving it jointly and providing him with psychological and moral support.

And at the end of this artice, we hope that you liked it and benefited from the advice that we provided to you, and do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comments related to the article or the concept of family or family stability in general, so that we can discuss it with you.

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