Every parent needs to know How to strengthen children’s immunity should be a priority and utmost importance for every father and mother who wants to preserve the health of their children.

That’s because children’s immunity is relatively weak in the early stages of their life from the moment of birth.

ٍSo, they are more vulnerable to disease, bacteria and viruses, but there is no need for stress or anxiety, Where we will discuss in this article some distinct and tested tips to strengthen children’s immune and boost it.

Strengthen children's immunity

8 important tips for every parent to strengthen children’s immunity

1- Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
Vegetables and fruits should be among the basic meals provided to children, and perhaps some of you have heard before that fruits and vegetables are useful in general, but why are they necessary specifically for your children?

Well, fruits and vegetables contain some antioxidants, minerals, vitamins that are important and necessary to Strengthen children’s immunity in the short term.

You can attract your children to them by cutting fruits and vegetables in the shapes of animals they love, or decorate them in a way that prompts them to eat without any hesitation.

2- Eat fish and some types of nuts
Among the natural substances that greatly contribute to strengthening children’s immunity , we find the “omega-3” substance, which is found in some fish such as: salmon, sardines and others.

In addition, it is also found in some types of nuts, such as: walnuts, almonds, and others.

3- Child’s getting adequate and healthy sleep
After paying attention to the food side, we start talking about sleep. Many parents are content with forcing their children to sleep early just to make them accustomed to this routine, especially if children are in school.

But in addition to that, getting your child enough sleep has a very big role in strengthening his/her immune system and enhancing its functions. Babies need at least 10 hours of sleep a day while infants may need at least 15 hours a day.

4- Attention to breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is an essential thing in the process of building and strengthening children’s immunity and boosting it.

in addition to the presence of several studies indicating that breastfeeding protects the child from developing type 2 diabetes and reduces the possibility of cancer.

Thus, we do not advise you to replace breastfeeding with powdered milk for children unless there are health problems that prevent you from breastfeeding your child, but except for that, breastfeeding will have a better effect on your child.

5- Keep children away from cigarette smoke
If you have children and someone smokes in the same room or place you are in, we recommend that you keep your child away from cigarette smoke, because it makes him vulnerable to some respiratory diseases and affects his immune system.

6- Take care of the physical activity and mental health of your children
From time to time, do not lose sight of motivating and encouraging your children to exercise such as: running, riding a bike, playing football or any other games … etc.

This will work to Strengthen children’s immunity effectively. In addition, take good care of your children’s mental health, for example if they suffer from depression or have a bad mood, do not underestimate these symptoms and help him immediately or present him to a psychiatrist.

7- Make washing hands with soap and water a regular healthy habit for your child
One of the most common ways of transmitting bacteria and viruses to children is through children’s hands touching surfaces, and therefore we recommend that you train your children to wash hands frequently until it becomes a healthy habit for them to do involuntarily from time to time to avoid transmitting diseases and bacteria to them.

The most important thing is to know how to properly wash hands with soap and water, as follows:

A– Putting tap water in the hand, then washing the palms and back of the hands with continuous scrubbing for up to 20 seconds.

B- Hand wash with tap water to remove soap, then dry it with a clean towel intended for your child.

Note: Hand sanitizers (sold in pharmacies) can be used as an alternative to washing hands with soap and water.

8- Give your child vitamins that strengthen and strengthen the immune system
In some cases, it is difficult for parents to commit to making their children’s food contain all the vitamins they need in order to strengthen the immune system, and therefore the alternative is to take some vitamins directly to compensate for this deficiency.

That was all today, we hope you have benefited, and all that remains is for you to start applying these tips in order to strengthen children’s immunity and enhance it, so that your children can enjoy a healthy life.

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